Canadian military investigates strange sounds
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A surveillance plane has been looking in to reports of a 'pinging' sound in the Fury and Hecla Strait.

The mysterious sound, which has also been described as a 'hum' or 'beep', was reported throughout the summer by residents of Igloolik - an island hamlet in northern Canada.

Local hunters have also reported a worrying reduction in marine wildlife over the last few months.

Citing 'allegations of unusual sounds emanating from the seabed', the Canadian Armed Forces recently dispatched a CP-140 Aurora aircraft in an effort to get to the bottom of the mystery.

"The air crew performed various multi-sensor searches in the area, including an acoustic search for 1.5 hours, without detecting any acoustic anomalies," the Department of National Defence wrote.

"The crew did not detect any surface or subsurface contacts. The crew did observe two pods of whales and six walruses in the area of interest."

Oddly enough, after the investigation took place the mysterious sound seemed to suddenly stop.

"We want to thank the Department of National Defence for doing an investigation right away," said local representative Paul Quassa.

"I know that they will keep investigating this and they will be kept informed by the hunters as well. I encourage hunters to keep telling the Department of National Defence what they hear.